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A sister site to to help entice Millennials to attend the Symphony


Design Team: Brienne Moore, John Taboada (me), Corbin Bartell


Time Frame: Two Weeks


Deliverable: High Fidelity Clickable Prototype can be found here:




I lead the Visual Design and Production portions of this project. Utilizing Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to produce Medium to High Fidelity Deliverables.

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra offers impressive quality and a great amount of performances that appeals to its current target demographic. In order to maintain relevancy in the years to come, it needs to appeal to the Millennial generation.


The current CSO experience caters mainly to their present attendees from older generations. We needed to find a way to get Millennials not only go to the symphony but continue to do so, so they become life-long goers. We looked at the website in regards to three main factors we thought captures Millennials attention:


• Imagery 

• Tone 

• Content


We concluded that while the CSO does provide rich history and information, it doesn’t provide much else to capture the interests of the millennial audience to attend. 


Current website – not eye-catching or enticing.


We used a variety of different methods to find out what millennials want out of a live music experience and what their current perceptions were.

Contextual Interviews

Survey Creation

Phone Interviews

Persona Creation


We used the streets of downtown Chicago to get as much rich and insightful data from in the millennial age range and outside of it to see what they thought about live entertainment and if they considered the CSO as an option.


Affinity Mapping

Once we compiled all of our data we found many key insights. We discovered that Millennials lack of draw to the CSO was associated with four main problems.


Millennials don’t see the CSO as “cool” and don’t think their friends would go.


Millennials don’t feel the same excitement about CSO performances as other live entertainment.


Millennials feel like they couldn’t fit in at the symphony.


They aren’t sure they would know how to act at the symphony, nor be able to understand the music.


Personas based on our research findings

We created four personas to reflect each specific pain point we came across. Our personas helped to create one solidified design direction:

Design should facilitate Millennials’ appreciation for CSO content and culture, as well as allow Millennials to integrate their customs into the CSO experience.


A Design Studio was conducted with ten participants to flesh out ideas on how to alleviate the pain points of each persona.

We found a commonality between all four personas; they all had to do with enticing millennials.

Design Studio

We landed on two enticement-driven solutions:

1. Use of social media






2. The creation of a sister site, “”

Sister site


We began with getting inspiration from images and products of “Classy” nature that millennials would associate with. We then looked at websites we thought spoke to millennial audiences and got their attention once they landed on their landing page.


We sketched out rough ideas and landed on a basic waterfall layout with our main catch points showcased in a thoughtful yet simple way. We sought to achieve this with big, attention grabbing images and phrases.


The overall goal was to evoke the emotion and feeling of being “cool” and classy without having to forsake millennials’ customs/beliefs.


Mood Board


Designs were tested and refined before being transformed in to a high-fidelity prototype.


After receiving feedback about the flow of our website and copy I then used Photoshop to create high fidelity visuals that were then converted into a clickable prototype using Invision.


Imagery – Inclusivity


The image gallery on the website incorporates social media and photos that convey the tone of inclusivity.

Imagery would come in the form of displaying the home page, gallery, and a Dress to Impress page all showing Millennials dressed classily, and having fun. This imagery would message CSO’s commitment to be inclusive, approachable and connected via social media.

Content – Informative & Fun


Our video series on the website uses the medium of parody combined with informative content.

Our research indicated that we needed to educate Millennials so they can have a more fulfilling experience attending the symphony. To do this, we included an approachable video series that gave information about classical music and symphony culture.

Tone – Cool & Classy


The Dress to Impress page helps CSO goers get ready for their night with tips and imagery

The tone of this new site messages the CSO’s commitment to be inclusive, approachable, and connected via social media. This addressed the problem that Millennials felt like they couldn’t fit in at the symphony.

We created a campaign that showcased millennials getting dressed up for a special unknown event, further enticing them to find out more about the symphony.



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