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Daedalus Marble Maze

Desktop Fidget Toy

About This Project

The Daedalus Marble Maze was created for a class competition sponsored by Marbles The Brain Store. The Design Brief stated that the store wanted to release a new desktop fidget toy. Design decisions would be determined by the student, the only requirement of the challenge was that it had to include two of the areas of brain development. Inspiration was drawn from classic marble mazes and the game Perplexus.

The idea of manipulating a marble to travel through different channels to reach the end was very compelling.

After hosting a game night to figure out what people liked about various types of desktop toys ideation took place. Upon designing basic gameplay and form, foam mockups and prototypes were developed to test gameplay and function. Further refinement lead to a 3D CAD model and 3D printed samples.


The design won second place and was further progressed after the challenge was over. Production was to follow the Fall of 2014 but was abandoned after Marbles downsized its in-house design department.




Industrial Design