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BowTruss Coffee Roasters

Digital solution to help increase brand awareness and establish customer loyalty


Design Team: John Taboada (me), Carly Smith & Maria Terziski


Time Frame: Three Weeks


Deliverable: High Fidelity Clickable Prototype can be found here:





I was the Project Lead along with being the Visual Designer for the entirety of this project. 



Utilize the UX process to discover how a digital solution can help Bow Truss sell more cups of coffee, have more of its customers in stores more often and spending more per ticket all while maintaining brand values and integrity.

At Bow Truss, our goal is to make specialty coffee more approachable, bringing fantastic single origins, naturals, and delicious direct trade to you through partnerships and collaborations around the world.


We wanted to see what motivates people to drink coffee and why. We created an 8 question survey asking people what their coffee drinking experience is like.


Survey results


We wanted to understand why the customers that do go to Bow Truss choose it and what keeps them coming back. Along with understanding why their current customers choose Bow Truss, we also wanted to understand how they do it differently than other coffee shops.

Customer / Employee Interviews

We spoke with upper management first to get a top down view of how they see themselves as a company and what their mission is. We came out of this meeting with a greater understanding of what/how Bow Truss strives to deliver the best cup of coffee possible:


• They’re a part of the artisan, 3rd wave coffee movement founded in 2012.


• Their focus of consumer education and emphasis on craft is what sets them apart from their competitors.


• They are approachable to the novice coffee drinker.


Client meeting sketching

In Store Observation

Bow Truss has 7 locations in the Chicago area, each one being in a different environment/neighborhood. We made it a goal to visit each store so we can better understand the customer demographic and if people were saying the same thing about the brand across the board.


Bow Truss locations

Competitor Analysis

We took a dive into Bow Truss’ competitors to see how they stack up against them and their product offerings. We also wanted to see how Bow Truss might be able to expand their current product/experience offering.


Competitor analysis


Going to six of the seven stores and speaking with customers and employees (the 7th opened a couple days before the project ended) allowed us to cast a wide net on the customer experience and delve deep into what Bow Truss is doing right and how we can alleviate any customer pain points.


Affinity Mapping

Once we laid out all of our research, we decided to delve deeper and group post-its by theme. Grouping our research helped us to understand what people were talking to us about. This included their current & previous coffee shop experience, the environment/location that Bow Truss created for them, their own habits and the educational aspect that Bow Truss brought to the table. 


Furthermore, digging even deeper into what the groupings were telling us lead to insights we needed to create two customer personas and their journey:



• Education provides insight which garners appreciation


• Better quality = more enjoyable experience


• People with more time have more knowledge


• A personalized learning experience builds appreciation


• Non-BT users are more inclined to choose coffee based on convenience


• If a customer is intrigued, they are willing to learn more 


Two personas were created – one current Bow Truss customer and the convenience driven customer that goes to competitor stores. By turning our insights and research into personas we were better able to uncover areas of opportunity to design for.


Edgar’s  journey is more of an ongoing cycle that enhances every time he goes to Bow Truss:


• Wakes up and starts his day


• Visits local bowtruss


• Orders coffee


• Inquires and receives information


• Gets appreciation


• Creates frequency

Maddie’s journey is more linear, she expects every time to be the same. This has built up her loyalty to that brand:  


• Wakes up and starts her day


• Visits local Peet’s coffee


• Orders coffee


• Knows what to expect


• Creates frequency





Challenge 1: For existing customers, enhancing their current experience through empowerment so that they may use their knowledge to their own benefit and educate others.




Challenge 2: Enticing convenience driven coffee drinker with the Bow Truss brand through exposure, education, and accessibility. Aiming towards the conversion and retention of new customers.


Areas of Opportunity – Current Bow Truss Customer 


Offering rewards/perks to loyal customers.


Encouraging and giving customers the tools to make their own coffee and also to teach others about process and beans.


By making products more accessible, the current Bow Truss customer can enjoy making coffee on their own.


By being a brand ambassador the current customer can bring new customers into the store and feel good about showcasing an artisan brand and process.

Educate + Appreciate

By offering classes and taste tests the current customer will be informed of new varieties of bean and methods of brewing.

Areas of Opportunity – Convenience Driven Customer 


Offering rewards/perks and knowledge to showcase a better brand.


Through events, different brewing methods & procurement of products.


Showcasing methods at POS, through community events/classes & through social media.


Make the experience friendly & approachable, hold community events, showcase brand and all of its offerings.

Convert + Retain

Provide taste tests, community outreach events, community involvement, empower and educate.

We hosted two design studios to get a wide range of ideas on how to improve the customer experience for both customer bases. In doing so we got a lot of ideas in the various areas of opportunity. 

Design Studio


After both design studios were held we decided to group common ideas together. We analyzed the ideas that fell in line with the brand standards and within a reasonable time frame. Although we did not want to limit our creative solutions, some ideas would be better to be put into effect after the brand was more established.


We decided to create a Solutions Road Map to help visualize when certain ideas would make more sense to pursue and which ones could be explored and brought to fruition within our given time frame. From there we made insights from all possible solutions and that to help guide our final solution


Solutions Road Map


We concluded that an extension site would pair well with the current Bow Truss website. This responsive extension site would help to engage with new and current customers and provide them both with a rewarding a meaningful experience to compliment what they already experience in store.   




We wanted to entice and get new customers attention with a free beverage, we did this witty and mysterious wording to further capture their interest.



Creating a rewards system allowed us to convey an “exclusively inclusive” brand. This meant that we reward the current customer base by recognizing them as a regular. In order to incentivize the non Bow Truss customer, we make it available to them as well.



One of the strong suits of the brand is that they take the time to show their customers the coffee brewing process in store. We wanted to further enhance the experience by allowing customers to view short clips on a variety of different topics on their own time.



By showcasing upcoming events we are making the customer bases feel like they are included in what everything Bow Truss is doing. Through events, customers are able to learn, connect and share their own coffee experiences – therefore enhancing all areas of opportunities.



Our engagement site is currently active on Invision, to view please click on the button below.